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Book Description: Develop android apps with Kotlin to create more elegant programs than the Java equivalent. This book covers the various aspects of a modern Android app that professionals are expected to encounter. There are chapters dealing with all the important aspects of the Android platform, including GUI design, file- and data-handling, coping with phone calls, multimedia apps, interaction with location and mapping services, monetizing apps, and much more. Pro Andr...
圖書分類:手機開發專題, 英文圖書, 軟件 暫無評論 ⁄ 被圍觀 146 次閱讀+
android Development with Kotlin is published by Packt Publishing in October 2017. This book has 382 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-1787123687. Nowadays, improved application development does not just mean building better performing applications. It has become crucial to find improved ways of writing code. Kotlin is a language that helps developers build amazing Android applications easily and effectively. This book discusses Kotlin features in context of Android development...
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內容介紹: 本書是作者Simon Monk在Arduino應用上的又一次跨越,他采用12個示例項目成功地向讀者們展示了如何將Arduino和android結合起來,以完成許多單靠Arduino或者Android根本無法完成的任務。 對于Arduino愛好者而言,可以通過對《Arduino+Android互動智作》的學習將Android設備的觸摸屏變成一個非常完美的人機交互界面,并且從原本“硬”的方向展開對“軟”的探索。而對于Android開發者而言,《Arduino+Android互動智作》則擴展并豐富了Android系統應用的想象空間,將單純的人機交互擴展到Android設備與各種傳感...
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內容簡介: 這是一本能夠讓你學出幸福感并在還沒有學完時就能夠勝任android應用軟件工程師工作的書。《大話企業級Android應用開發實戰》所有的內容都是基于企業內部的Android實際開發需要和問題而著。《大話企業級Android應用開發實戰》模擬真實的學習場景,主人公是小安和大致,小安是一位有編程基礎并想從事Android軟件工程師工作的求知者,大致是一位博士、Android開發高手和不知疲倦的布道者,全書以小安在大致的帶領下從Android入門到成為Android應用程序編程高手的過程中生動地展開敘述,妙趣橫生,讓人欲罷...
BOOK DESCRIPTION: With Pro iOS and android Apps for Business, you can take your web development experience and apply it toward creating a full-featured business app, from soup to nuts. Frank Zammetti shows you how to create a client app using jQuery Mobile wrapped in PhoneGap, and how to create a node.js-based server that uses MongoDB as its data store. You never have to deal with learning Objective-C, Java or any other difficult-to-learn language. Instead, you can build...
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Embedded Android
Book Description Looking to port android to other platforms such as embedded devices? This hands-on book shows you how Android works and how you can adapt it to fit your needs. You’ll delve into Android’s architecture and learn how to navigate its source code, modify its various components, and create your own version of Android for your particular device. You’ll also discover how Android differs from its Linux roots. If you’re experienced with embedded systems development...
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內容簡介: 本書是國內首本系統對android的源代碼進行深入分析的著作。全書將Android系統從構架上依次分為應用層、應用框架層、系統運行庫層、硬件抽象層和Linux內核層等5個層次,旨在通過對Android系統源代碼的全面分析來幫助開發者加深對Android系統架構設計和實現原理的認識,從而幫助他們解決開發中遇到的更加復雜的問題。   全書分為兩卷,系統卷主要分析了Linux內核層、硬件抽象層和系統運行庫層的各個模塊的底層原理和實現細節;應用卷主要分析了應用層和應用框架層的各個模塊的底層原理和實現細節。   ...
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Learning Android(中文版)
內容簡介:   《Learning android(中文版)》為Android開發入門圖書,循序漸進地介紹了如何利用Android基本構件來實現構造用戶界面、存儲數據、連接網絡等實踐中必不可少的需求。本書以親手實現一個類Twitter的應用為主線,通過不斷為其添加功能展開講解。而這一學習過程積累出的代碼模式庫,可以靈活運用于真實Android應用開發。本書內容包括但不限于:Android平臺概覽、Android設計架構、Android開發環境配置、基本Android的用戶界面構建、UI元件組織方法、構建執行后臺任務與更新數據的服務、AIDL與NDK介紹...
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編輯推薦: 國內第一本囊括android客戶端開發和PHP服務端開發的著作 透徹分析Android移動互聯網應用開發的完整解決方案 內容簡介: 本書以一個完整的微博應用項目實例為主線,由淺入深地講解了Android客戶端開發和PHP服務端開發的思路和技巧。從前期的產品設計、架構設計,到客戶端和服務端的編碼實現,再到性能測試和系統優化,以及最后的打包發布,完整地介紹了移動互聯網應用開發的過程。同時,本書也介紹了Android系統中比較有特色的功能,比如Google地圖、LBS功能、傳感器、攝像頭、多媒體以及語音功能的使用...
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android
Book Description: Learn html5 and JavaScript for android teaches the essential HTML5 and JavaScript skills you need to make great apps for the Android platform and browser. This book guides you through the creation of a mobile web app. You’ll put the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript skills you learn into practice, giving you invaluable first-hand experience that will serve you well as you go on to develop your own web apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Throughout this bo...
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Android Arcade Game App
Book Description: Apress, the leading android books publisher, continues to provide you with very hands-on, practical books for teaching and showing app developers how to build and design apps, including game apps, that can be built and deployed in the various Android app stores out there. Android Arcade Game App: A Real World Project – Case Study Approach is no different in that it walks you through creating an arcade style Prison Break game app—top to bottom—for an Andr...
Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#
Book Description Develop mobile enterprise applications in a language you already know!With employees, rather than the IT department, now driving the decision of which devices to use on the job, many companies are scrambling to integrate enterprise applications. Fortunately, enterprise developers can now create apps for all major mobile devices using C#/.NET and Mono, languages most already know. A team of authors draws on their vast experiences to teach you how to create ...